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Quantum Scalar i80 Library, one IBM LTO-6 tape drive, 50 slots, Fibre Channel.The Scalar i3 simplifies growth management with a modular design and Capacity-on-Demand (CoD) scalability. It can scale cartridge slots from 25 slots up to 200—instantly— with CoD software licensing, providing compressed capacities from 375TB up to 3PB. And users can add read/ write performance as needed, with support for up to 12 tape drives.ITsavvy My Account. Login / Forgot Password. New Account Request; IT Products. Hardware. Systems.Start with 50 slots scale up to 80 slots with Scalar i80 as your requirements grow. Quantum Scalar i80 with IBM tape drives. Company Number:.

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Quantum Scalar i40 Library, one IBM LTO-5 tape drive, 25 slots, SAS.illegal <drive-number> argument '1' to 'load' command. QUANTUM Model: Scalar i40-i80 Rev: 100G Type:. 29 Slots ( 5 Import/Export ).Quantum Scalar i40 Library, two IBM LTO-5 tape drives, 25 slots, SAS.Advanced Features option, this unit comes with the max 40 slots COD License.

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Quantum Scalar Driver. 10/9/2015. operation and scaling Expands to up to 40 slots (i40) or 80 slots (i80). Scalar i40 and Scalar i80.

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Advanced Features option, comes with the max 40 slots COD License.

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Quantum Scalar i40 Tape Library **. Number of Cartridge Slots: 25. Quantum Scalar i40/i80 Tape Drive Module, IBM LTO-6,.Qauntum Scalar i40i80 i4 Maintenance Guide. I /E slots Unlock I/E Station Scalar i80 Number of occupied I /E slots Number of configured I. Scalar i80: Use.Quantum Scalar i40 and Scalar i80 User’s Guide iii. Configuring Cleaning Slots. Adding or Replacing a Redundan t Power Supply on the Scalar i80 278.The QUantum Scalar LTO-6 Fiber Channel 40 Slot at

Quantum Scalar i40 Library, one IBM LTO-6 tape drive, 25 slots, Fibre Channel.

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Quantum Corporation LSC18-CH5J-232H Scalar i80 Tape Library MPN, UPC 768268032859, 2 x Drive/50 x Slot - LTO Ultrium 5 - 75 TB (Native) / 150 TB (Compressed) - Fibre.Product Overview. Quantum Scalar i80 Tape Autoloader - 2 x Drive/50 x Slot - LTO-7 - 312.50 TB (Native) - Fibre Channel - Encryption - 6URack-mountable.

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Quantum Scalar i80 Library, one IBM LTO-5 tape drive, 50 slots, SAS.

Quantum LSC14-CB6J-228G Scalar i40 (2 x LTO-6) 40 Slot FC Tape Drive. With Scalar i40 and i80 tape. VAT number: 836 5923 00 is a trading.While Scalar i3 is designed as an easy-to-manage, cost-effective, entry-level tape library, it has the flexibility to grow as storage needs change. Scalar i3 can scale cartridge slots from 25 up to 200, in 25-slot increments with Capacity-on-Demand (CoD) software licensing, increasing compressed LTO-8 capacity from 750 TB up to 6 PB.Quantum Scalar i40 Library, two IBM LTO-6 tape drives, 25 slots, Fibre Channel.Notes 1. Library capacity Scalar i40: 1FH or 2HH drives, 40 slots Scalar i80: 3FH or 5HH drives, 80 slots 2. Barcodes are supported.

To satisfy the growing storage needs of small to medium size businesses Quantum offers the Scalar i80 Library with Two. 24 Number of Mail Slots: 1 Number of.Quantum [LSC18-CH6J-132H] for $11,012.92 - Scalar I80 Lsc18-ch6j-132h Tape Library Lsc18ch6j132h at as of Wednesday January 10, 2018.Quantum Scalar i80 Library, two IBM LTO-6 tape drives, 50 slots, SAS.

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